The Low Carb Zone

Born from the need we see in the South Auckland community to have healthy choices

Renata HolicovaMy name is Renata Holicova and I have been working as a head chef for the past 8 years in different cafes. I have studied as well as applying on myself everything from raw – vegan – vegetarian – Atkinson – carnivore – keto – paleo diet… you name it. I’m passionate about nutrition and a firm believer in healthy low-carb living.

I have completed A Raw Food Chef Training @ Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California as well as Body Ecology Educator training with Donna Gates in Brisbane. I have been teaching classes about nutrition and doing live cooking classes for many years before working as head chef in several cafes in Auckland.

I changed the way I ate back in 2007 and that’s when I have decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based approach to food. The irony was that, like so many other people, I used to follow what I believed to be a healthy, balanced diet. I avoided most fatty foods in fear of clogging my arteries and putting on weight. I based my diet around whole grains and vegetables and limited my intake of animal products. I did exactly what the general dietary recommendations are advised: I exercised more and ate less. For some reason my health deteriorated, fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, body and joint pain, this was not right. Finally, I got tired of feeling like this all the time, and I was determined to regain my health by following a different approach.

After I have witnessed the incredible benefits of low-carb eating first-hand, I now follow a whole-foods-based, low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle. The results have been life changing, so now I can pass it on.

I have created so many delish recipes which I now share with you… and I hope you will like them as much as I do. The kitchen is my happy place and I hope you will enjoy my creations.