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The Low Carb Zone

Welcome to Low Carb Zone and THANK YOU for passing by.

We are a humble small family business operated by Renata Holicova.

While I am a beauty therapist by trade, I always have been very interested in healthy eating. My love for food has led me to study in with Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California, and following the Body Ecology Diet with Donna Gates. For a few years, I have been enjoying sharing my passion for healthy eating with others by running seminars and workshops as well as personal coaching. And I loved to LOVE it!

For the last 8 years, I have been working as a head chef in a few cafes and after that, my partner and I have decided to work from home. He built me a brand-new commercial-grade kitchen in our garage – which is supposed to be his man cave! All for the love of healthy cooking :-)

Now, I am very happy baking and creating my recipes and products all day long to share with you.

Unable to live without bread, I was determined to create low carb bread I can enjoy on a daily basis. And here it is. In my humble opinion, it is truly the best – but you be the judge.

Another food I didn’t want to give up, were cereals. Don’t they just taste so nice for breakfast, so convenient with that perfect crunch…. but choices available are not the best, I personally don’t enjoy eating a bowl full of whole nuts and seeds or oats.

I was determined to create cereals I can enjoy. My crunch and crisp are back in my bowl and its Gluten-free, dairy-free with no sugar.

I really take my time to make sure that my products taste amazing. I carefully select the best natural, functional ingredients, organic where possible.

I hope you will enjoy my creations and I thank you in advance for supporting our small family business.

With love xx