Our Packaging

YES, we care for the planet and using compostable & recyclable materials is very important to us.

We use BIO PAK compostable packaging made from plants, not plastic. BIO PAK packaging is carbon neutral from resourcing to manufacturing, delivery to disposal. More info @ www.biopak.com We use glass jars and glass bottles.

There are 6 simple reason, why glass over plastic:

  1. Helps the planet
  2. Enhances food flavour
  3. Keeps food safe
  4. Durability
  5. Cleanliness
  6. Saves money

About Our Healthy Meal Jars

Our healthy meal jars are simply UNIQUE. They have been custom- made to my requirements. What makes them unique is the wide mouth, so wherever you are, you can eat directly from the jar. There is no other glass jar available on the market with this very important feature.


YES, we care, and we recycle. We have a returning policy for our glass jars & glass bottles.

  • Simply bring back 10 clean healthy meal jars and you will get 1 free healthy meal jar of your choice.
  • Simply bring back 10 empty and clean bottles and you will get 1 free smoothie of your choice.
  • Let’s care together.
Recycling Healthy Meal Jars and bottles